Carlos Aquilino was born in Madrid, Spain, the city where he lives and works today. He grew up painting, drawing and sculpting as a self-taught artist.

He creates his art pieces on many different platforms. Aquilino’s paintings, executed in oil on both canvas and carboard, are focused in a humanized world where people appear deeply in touch with their surroundings. His works are inmediately recognizable by their daring yet subtle narratives and messages, giving his overture a timeless quality.  Aquilino uses any and all found material and objects around himself to utilize in his sculptures. His drawings are made with markers and ink on paper. There is no initial pencilling in. Thoughts and feelings are articulated across the paper, with no beginning, border or end.

Constantly on the move, Aquilino has built his own personality shaped by cross-cultural experiences that have taken him from the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome to the Creative Arts Center of Virginia or the New Mexico desert at the Helen Wurlitzer Foundation, to Izvorul Mures in the Romanian Carpathians, to the Hungarian Plane and to a residence as an international artist at Point B Worklodge in the diversity of Brooklyn, NY.